Panagiotis "PJ" Papadomitsos

Omnilectual know-it-all · Software Engineer @ Brex · Erlang/Elixir/Kubernetes · Fell into the Linux cauldron when young

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Below is a non exhaustive list of work I’ve published from time to time.



  • Mastering Chef: Reviewed the book Mastering Chef by Mayank Joshi as Packt’s Scientific Associate.

Erlang Projects

  • gen_rpc: A scalable RPC library for Erlang-VM based languages. Combines the safety of the rpc library with the versatility of remote spawn. Uses concurrent TCP channels for each interconnected node, overcomming single-mailbox issues in high-load environments.

Elixir Projects

  • exrpc: An Elixir port of the gen_rpc project above. Built it to both get exposure to the language and to provide a more “native” port of gen_rpc to Elixir. ExRPC and gen_rpc nodes are transparently interoperable.

Chef and Automation

  • chef-openresty: The official Chef cookbook for CloudFlare’s NGINX superbundle. Contains a lot of NGINX configuration optimizations out-of-the-box, automatic CPU affinity calculation, security configuration and OS-specific optimizations.

  • chef-rundeck: The official Chef cookbook for the Rundeck administration console. Contains a couple of LWRPs and supports both Debian and CentOS installations.

  • chef-phpmyadmin: The official Chef cookbook for PHPMyAdmin. Supports automatic PHP-FPM and NGINX configuration and offers LWRPs for database server profile creation and PMA database provisioning.

  • chef-pcre: The official Chef cookbook for the PCRE library.

  • chef-jemalloc: The official Chef cookbook for the jemalloc library.

  • chef-php: A fork of the official PHP community cookbook that diverged too much from the community version to get merged back in. Offers the php-fpm LWRP.

  • chef-azure: A rogue cookbook for Linux VMs running on Microsoft Azure. The cookbook provides the azure OHAI plugin that provides heuristic detection of AWS-like properties such as instance type, region etc.

  • knife-tagbulk: A knife plugin in the form of a gem that allows creation and deletion of tags en-masse, using standard Chef queries.

PHP Projects

  • spamshield: A neat PHP script that scans the Postfix mail queue and produces nice reports and notifications about possible spam issues.

  • relaxx: A fork of the well-known Relaxx player with vast protocol support and UI improvements.